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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Richard Mitzel has litigated many Medical Malpractice claims for deserving clients who have been injured as the result of negligent care by healthcare providers.

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The Law

The Florida Law regarding the procedure to successfully bring claims against healthcare professionals is extremely difficult to navigate. It is also very time consuming and expensive. Mr. Mitzel understands the complexities of the law and has over 30 years of experience in dealing with the obstacles presented by the Medical Malpractice Law.

The Protected

Some of the Healthcare Providers protected by the law include doctors, nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, hospital and nursing home personnel. The Florida Lawmakers have attempted to make it as difficult as legally possible to prevent clients from being fairly compensated for their damages caused by negligent health care.

Standard of Care

Whether or not a person has been injured by negligent medical treatment depends on the Standard of Care regarding the treatment rendered or failed to be rendered. It is a National standard, not a local standard. It means “ how would a similarly qualified practitioner have managed the patient’s care under the same or similar circumstances.”

The Burden of Proof is Yours

The burden of proving that the standard of care was not met is up to the injured claimant. It is not up to the accused healthcare provider to prove that the standard of care was met.

The only way to ascertain if the applicable standard of care was not met is to secure all of the medical and hospital records that have been generated by the care that was rendered. Next, an expert medical witness of the same or similar qualifications must be retained to review all of the records. If the opinion of the expert is that the standard of care was met, then the claim would not be successful if suit is filed. However, if the expert reviewing the medical records feels that the care rendered that caused the injuries was below the applicable standard of care, then the next step is to file a letter of intent.

The Letter of Intent

What this means is the expert witness signs an affidavit regarding the medical negligence of the offending healthcare provider. Then a letter is sent to the provider along with the affidavit advising that the client is prepared to file suit for the damages sustained and the reasons why he should prevail in court. By law, the healthcare professional has 90 days to respond.

The 90 Days

The proposed defendant has that time to review the claim, retain an expert and respond to the claim. If an expert reviews the claim and opines that the standard of care was met, then a letter is sent to the client along with the affidavit denying the claim within the 90 days. This does not hinder the client’s right to file suit. Also, the healthcare provider can choose not to respond to the client’s letter and after 90 days passes, by law, the claim is deemed to be rejected. Lastly, the proposed defendant can admit fault and limit the client’s recovery if suit is filed.

This Rarely Happens

Healthcare providers and/or their insurance companies do not settle medical malpractice claims without a suit being filed. They will fight the claim, even if it is valid, for as long as they can. The only cases they will consider settling before trial are those where responsibility is proven during the discovery process, and the damages are substantial.

med mal attorneyWhen Can The Lawsuit Be Filed?

The lawsuit can be filed and the litigation begun at the expiration of the 90 days or upon receipt of written denial from the provider, whichever occurs first.

An Experienced Attorney

For these reasons, you can see why you need an experienced, successful and aggressive attorney who gives you the best chance to be compensated for the injuries and damages you have sustained. If I can be of help, please contact me (813) 381-5410.