Do You Really Have Full Automobile Insurance Coverage?

Tampa Auto accident lawyerWhen I interview new clients regarding an auto injury claim, I always inquire about their auto insurance coverages. This is important because the driver that caused the accident may have little or maybe no insurance that would compensate my client for their injuries and economic losses. It is estimated that a substantial number of drivers in Florida do not have bodily injury coverage with which to pay for injuries they cause by negligently driving and causing accidents.

Most clients tell me they have FULL COVERAGE when I ask. Unfortunately, they are mistaken and really only have bare bones coverage. The minimum coverage that you must have to own and drive a car in Florida is No-fault personal injury protection ( PIP) and property damage. The PIP coverage pays up to $ 10,000. for medical expenses and/or lost wages of the at fault driver. It pays for the client’s property damage but nothing for the client’s injuries, lost wages or medical expenses

If that is all the other driver has for insurance, there is nothing I can do to help compensate the client for their losses. The only exception is if the client himself has uninsured or under insured auto coverage. What this means is if the responsible party has no or not enough bodily auto insurance coverage to pay for your loss, you can look to your insurance to pay your claim. They stand in the shoes of the at fault driver and will pay for your loss up to the limits of your UMI coverage. UMI coverage protects you so you will be compensated whether or not the at fault driver has the necessary insurance coverage.

FULL COVERAGE means you have auto insurance to pay for some ones injuries if you are at fault in an accident and you have coverage yourself if the driver that injures you doesn’t have bodily injury coverage. UMI insurance costs somewhat more but it is a coverage that you wish you had if the other driver doesn’t have enough coverage. Protect yourself and your family. Purchase UMI coverage. Make sure you do have FULL COVERAGE.

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